New Cell C LTE-A Packages

Cell C is making available data packages at a huge discount from the 1st of October. however, these are on promotion and will only be available until 31 December, 2017.

These packages are available on a sim only option for either a month to month period or for 24 months.


The price will remain locked for as long as you maintain your contract.


If desired, you can bundle your 24 month options with a modem.


As always, please remember to test the network in the area where you wish to use it the most.  You will save yourself a lot of trouble and head aches.


I have highlighted the packages for your convenience below:


Product DATA ALLOCATION IN GB Current Price – Per Month New Promo Price – Per Month Discount Percent Validity – In days Price per GB GB AVAILABLE PER DAY
15GB 15 R299,00 R149,00 50% 30 R9,93 0,5
25GB 25 R499,00 R239,00 52% 30 R9,56 0,833333
50GB 50 R699,00 R489,00 30% 30 R9,78 1,666667
100GB 100 R999,00 R849,00 15% 30 R8,49 3,333333
200GB 200 R1 499,00 R1 099,00 27% 30 R5,50 6,666667
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